Welcome and thanks for visiting Gallery Hardwoods on-line. During the next year our website will undergo several new additions and changes. These changes will reflect Gallery Hardwoods' expanding interest and inventory of highly figured, unique tonewoods, stabilized woods for knife handles and pistol grip use and other exotic burl products. On June 30, 2003, Gallery Hardwoods will close it's retail store facility in Sacramento to concentrate on internet sales, direct wholesale marketing, marketing at custom knife shows, milling custom electric bass, electric guitar and acoustic tonewoods while adding CNC routed body blanks. We will also be expanding tonewood sales in Europe with many products available ON SITE in the UK. Clients and customers will always be welcome at the shop to personally pick out wood.

One immediate change is the gallery page with photos of some of our tonewood and other products available for purchase.

I want to express my sincere thanks to all our clients and customers who have helped grow this business in a good and fun direction.




"I build guitars, harps, and other stringed instruments.   Since 1974 I have collected woods from around the world, aging them for use in my musical instruments.  Quality materials are  the first step in fine handmade instruments. The combined experience and knowledge of Adam and  Larry to the needs of builders is a valuable asset to anyone working with fine woods. Thank you, Gallery Hardwoods."  Arnie Gamble

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   We do not accept phone orders due to easy ID theft situation around the world. Please email inquiries for a prompt reply.