Hello...and welcome to our client's showcase. I would like to express a big "thanks" to all the contributing folks sharing their work here. I'm sure most of these items have been sold, but if you have an interest in a particular artist style, please let me know, and with permission, I'll provide a link, if possible.

Our purpose here is not to show unique or figured woods, but to showcase what crafting artists have created from those woods provided by us. Enjoy the tour........Larry Davis

All photographs are used by permission and ownership and copyright is retained by the original contributor .

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File Size refers to full size image.

Anders Hogstrom

Snakewood handle dagge
File Size: 640x480 (62k)


Garry Knight

Quilted maple/ mahogany guitar
  Greg Yancey

Spalted Myrtle wood bass
File Size: 789x507 (256k)   File Size: 609x414 (78k)
Matt Pulcinella, MP Guitars
Ridley Park, PA

Maple topped bass
  Glenn Dean

Quilted Maple/Black Limba Guitar
File Size: 322x600 (14k)   File Size: 480x640 (92k)


Daniel Pena
Duck Call
Birdseye maple/Madagascar rosewood
  Birdseye Zebrawood pen
File Size: 902x264 (48k)   File Size: 634x269 (27k)
Amboyna Burl pen   Thuya Burl pen
File Size: 592x221 (23k)   File Size: 543x265 (22k)


  Jim Lambert
Birdseye Zebrawood Pen Stabilized Maple Burl Fountain Pen Amboyna Burl Pen & Pencil Set
File Size: 325x145 (14k) File Size: 350x249 (16k) File Size: 300x223 (22k)


Debie Bouey
Snakewood wine stopper Hollow Urn, Amboyna burl Amboyna,
Stabilized Buckeye burl, Thuya burl
File Size: 175x382 (15k) File Size: 553x379 (33k) File Size: 956x691 (92k)


John H. Clarke
"The Turning Shop"
Maple Burl
Bigleaf Maple Burl Vase Bigleaf Maple Burl Vase Bigleaf Maple Burl Vase
File Size: 245x256 (14k) File Size: 247x240 (16k) File Size: 208x259 (15k)
Claro Walnut
Claro Walnut Burl Vase
Tourquoise Inlay
Claro Walnut Burl Vase Claro Walnut Burl Pewter Inlay
File Size: 209x327 (16k) File Size: 153x307 (21k) File Size: 312x277 (24k)


Gene Lonsway
Amboyna burl Stabilized Buckeye burl Amboyna bur
File Size: 360x40 (5k) File Size: 360x85 (10k) File Size: 360x40 (6k)
Amboyna burl Stabilized spalted Alder Koa
File Size: 240x196 (14k) File Size: 240x238 (16k) File Size: 595x384 (51k)


Jeff Hostetter and Amy Hopkins
Stringed Instrument Repair
New Freedom, PA
Solid Koa strat
Nautical inlay theme
File Size: 393x597 (41k)   File Size: 640x301 (35k)


David Eichelbaum
Eichelbaum Custom Guitars
Santa Barbara, CA

Koa with matched
Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and bridge


225x290 (11k) 225x290 (14k)
    Victor Baker
Victor Baker Guitars
Philadelphia, PA

Archtop guitar, California Walnut

480x640 (66k) 480x640 (75k)


Greg Yancey
Quilted Maple Bass
File Size: 411x 621 (71k)


Kyley Boyd
Boyd Basses
New Orleans, LA


Oregon Myrtlewood burl top
Black Limba (Korina) body
Wenge and Bubinga Laminates
320 x 426 (82k)

 320 x 240 (52k)


Matt Pulcinella
Matt Pulcinella Guitars
Ridley Park, PA


Amboyna Burl Top
620 x 460 (176k)

615 x 447 (124k)

John Watkins
Watkins Guitars
Brookfield, WI


Makore Top & Back
Wenge, Cherry, and Maple Laminates
427 x 400 (120k)

 412 x 600 (108k)


Jack Gaiser
Conway, AR
Irish Bouzouki
Oregon Myrtle wood
(600 x 450) 86k (600 x 450) 63k


Cy Preece
United Kingdom
Pacific Flamed Maple, Lacewood back
(317 x 448) 64k (317 x 450) 66k



Stuart Ketchin
United Kingdom
Bear Claw Sitka Spruce Nigerian Satinwood
with maple bindings
(307 x 432) 16k (307 x 432) 20k

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